FreeStyles By MI MI


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am A Lady Now

I am A Lady Now!
For those who known me all these years,
Pants sagging bandana flaggin,
Always hype to start the fight,
Getting wasted serving the best white,
Block so hot the cops won't enter,
Under servalliance pictures,
Niggas still whisper the name of the Queen,
Afraid to speak to loud for the horrors I tend to bring,
Don't count me out,
I'm just not on your block,
I rock a skirt with sandals,
Nails with high polish gloss,
I guess I'm a lady now,
What can you expect?
That I won't leave you bloody,
I won't fight I show won't weigh your crack,
I am a lady with no time for that,
I don't need to join your biggest cock contest,
For without a cock I'm still the best,
Even while I'm rocking this yellow sun dress,
For I am a lady now,
Check this hair bow I sway like the flower in the wind,
As I check my businesses as I go in to win,
Making my money does not determine my style,
For I am a lady now,
Standing by my King as we rule this thrown,
Together we stand and to each other hold on,
For I am a lady,
Not afraid to shine not afraid to smile,
Not afraid to be mild,
The world my beat me down and make life hard,
I am a lady now,
So I where my crown walk my miles,
I am never afraid of the challenges life brings around,
For I am a lady now!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transformed Heart!

My heart was hard as stone back when,
I met your smile, your eyes, your chin,
Tall as a cedar tree,
You walk right in like don't mind me,
I came so we can win,
A dream filled with symbolic truth,
I open the door and humble to you,
As I bow as a lady to gent
I think to my self thank God this is heaven sent,
You gave me Knowledge the One that I need,
I begin to Wise up as I step Two my new beginning,
My mind and emotions are captured its true,
As we converse on things old and new,
I'm loving this life this interest this Help,
For now I know I can't do it by myself,
We may not be perfect,
We may not fully be all we wanna be,
As life moves us forward we gain what we need,
I stumble I fall I make my mistakes,
You hold out your hand and together we destroy to create,
All positive and moving in such a forward light,
My heart once so hard is totally been transformed inside,
Without you near I am lost and in a wonder lust,
Doing what you say for its in me you trust,
I look to the new with extreme anticipation,
For the reality of this you is in me and we include everything in between,
We know of the stars and constellation and outer inner worldly beings,
As my heart turns soft and my emotions run high,
We journey together and this is me saying Thank You God!
As I testify!